Friday, November 22, 2013

Bucket List

Dear Madame L,

What's on your bucket list?


Wants to Go to Italy

Dear Traveler,

Madame L wants to go more places and do more things than she could ever fit in a bucket.

That's one reason Madame L is never going to make a so-called bucket list.

Another is that she thinks making such a list would limit her.

Because here's the thing: Most of the greatest and funnest and most enriching things Madame L has ever done were not things she would have ever put on a bucket list.

So, let's say Madame L, like you, would like to go to Italy. She hopes she can do that, but if  she has a chance to go to, say, Hong Kong or Taipei, or Brazil or Peru, she'll take any of those, not caring whether they were or were not on any list.

Madame L loves hearing about OTHER people's bucket lists, though. She loves the idea of setting goals for oneself that will help enjoy life and appreciate blessings.


Madame L

P.S. Here are a few places and things Madame L would never have thought to put on a bucket list, and most of them she saw right from her own back yard:

Camas, early morning fog

Double rainbow, Camas

Villarrica Lake in southern Chile

Birdley in the "jungle" in Camas

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LFP said...

I don't believe in creating a bucket list, because to me it sounds like once you do everything on it, it's okay to kick the bucket. I don't like that. I don't like the idea of living just to die. I like the idea, rather, of living to live, so that's why I have a LIFE LIST. Stuff I want to do while I'm still alive. Like Madame L's, it's fluid and changes constantly, which means that I can keep adding to or taking things away from it as needed or circumstances dictate. It also means trying to find the adventure in each day. Or the beauty in the fog and rainbows and birds, just like Madame L.