Friday, December 19, 2014

Madame L and the Third Person Pompous

Dear Readers,

Madame L is as of now swearing off her use of the persona who writes pompously in the third person (as she is doing now).

So, okay, here goes. I'm still the same person; I'm still calling myself, while writing this blog, Madame L; but I'm going to write just plain old English from now, instead of what I have decided to call the "third person pompous."

I'm going to be writing about news in science and medicine, arts and culture, environmental issues, and whatever else comes to mind; and I think these issues deserve better than the semi-humorous way I was writing before.

The first thing I want to mention is that after not writing on this blog for a few months, coming back to it today was an eye-opening experience as I had pages and pages and PAGES of "Anonymous" comments to scroll through. And I mean, really, I just scrolled through them, after quickly dividing them into a few types:

---Scams hoping to get me to click on some link that would crash my computer;

---Scams hoping to get me to click on some link that would bring me to a site with images I would never want to see and then crash my computer; and

---Scams hoping to get me to click on some link that would bring me to a site where I might think I was purchasing some drug, for instance a virility-enhancing drug, which I could not obtain legally, and then crash my computer.

But, wow, was I ever flattered by the scammers who wanted me to believe they had never seen a blog as amazingly intelligent and insightful and well designed as mine, and to believe that all they needed and desired most in life was for me to offer to help them with their site, which would ... then crash my computer.

Sarcasm? Oh you bet! And the old Madame L would surely approve!

Thanks for reading (and commenting, not anonymously),

Madame L

1 comment:

AskTheGeologist said...

OK, this is Ralphie. I'm an honest man. I just want to CRASH YOUR COMPUTER.

Ignore the authenticated name below. It's all a TRICK to get ME to crash MY computer.

Oh, and be sure to provide a link to the Swedish guy who hunts down - and then publically confronts - internet trolls.