Monday, November 21, 2016

Weird Word of the Week: Freeping

It's a great word for a deplorable tactic. I found this word in an article, "The One-Star Blitz on Megyn Kelly's Book and the Weaponization of Amazon Blurbs." 

Silly me, I thought this article would be about how wishy-washy liberal Commie pinkos were giving one-star reviews to Ms. Kelly's "Settle for More."

But in fact it's about how right-wing trolls and know-nothings are giving one-star reviews to it, with such comments as, "Wow get over yourself. Your not that good! … Your treatment of Newt and Trump was inexcusable.”

The Slate article defines "freeping" as "a sleight-of-hand that depends on brute force. It originated on the right, which makes sense given its most prominent uses so far: howling about diversity in science fiction, mutinying against lady Ghostbusters, rallying around Trump."

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