Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Sunday Book Review, June 5, 2011: The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan Le Fay

Dear Readers,

Madame L loved being involved with the Write Hope fundraising effort for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Although Madame L didn't contribute by selling books or services as so many colleagues did, Madame L won her bids on some books.

Today Madame L wants to encourage you, Dear Readers, to read these books:


When Madame L has a chance to read the other books from the Write Hope bidding, she'll mention those titles too. Meanwhile, these two books were great reads, well worth the money she spent on them --- and the authors are genuinely nice people, donating the proceeds from the bidding to the Japanese relief effort. 

Ms. Schmatz, who also wrote "Mousetraps" and "Circle the Truth," has her own website AND a blog. And here's an interview with her about the book "Mousetraps."

Madame L hopes you will check out the blogs, read the books, and pass them along to your young-adult and independent-reader friends.


Madame L

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