Monday, January 30, 2012

Cain Endorses Gingrich

Dear Madame L,

Have you really sworn off commenting on Newt Gingrich, or would you be willing to answer this one last question: I read that Herman Cain has thrown his support to Newt Gingrich, just before the Republican voters of Florida will be completing their primary voting.

What do you think about that?


Really Surprised

Dear Surprised,

Madame L is surprised that you're surprised, and she also wants to point out that you asked three questions. 

Which one should Madame L answer? That's the real question.

Oh, well, Madame L will answer all three:

First, swearing off commenting about Newt Gingrich has proven as effective as making a New Year's resolution for Madame L. She probably won't be able to refrain from commenting on the antics of Newt Gingrich even after he has (inevitably) dropped out of the Republican presidential primary process.

Second, therefore, she's willing to answer your question, as follows:

Third, Madame L thinks Stephen Colbert should be really angry at Herman Cain for endorsing Newt Gingrich instead of him. Really, really angry. And no one else in the whole world should care. Because it doesn't matter. Because the so-called leadership of the Republican Party have finally made their point about Gingrich and the people of Florida have finally recalled what a slippery, slimy, irresponsible, and downright wacky politician the former House speaker is. Even if an endorsement from Herman Cain could help anybody, it won't help Gingrich.

Thanks for giving Madame L another chance to vent. Have a great week, and be ready for Madame L to comment on the results of the Florida voting.


Madame L


Ellen said...

Dear Madam Elle,

I have a question: What is the speaker of the house?

Thanks in advance,


AskTheGeologist said...

Correction: He-Who-Should-Be-Neutered (HWSBN in the future) will NOT drop out of the race, even at the end. He glories in the attention, and knows full well that the longer he can stay in the public eye, the more his lecture fees can be for a few years longer, and he really likes an open account at Tiffany's.

Sociopaths are often kept in line by their built-in narcissism - a result of natural selection. As you can see, HWSBN fits the bill precisely. The attention is like stroking a cat.