Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silence Gun: No, Please, No!

Dear Madame L,

Thanks for the post about cell-phone jammers. 

But what about this new idea: a "silence gun" that doesn't disrupt any communication frequencies. It's called a "Speechjammer." It reflects the words of the person who's talking on a cell phone or chatting it up in the library right back to the person. The "echo effect" disrupts the person's ability to even think about what they're going to say next, leaving them speechless.


Wanting a Quieter World

Dear Quieter,

Madame L also wants a quieter world, but she believes that fighting rudeness with incivility is not the way to achieve this dream.


Madame L

1 comment:

AskTheGeologist said...

Well, if no incivility is allowed, how 'bout JUST SLAP THE CRAP outta the loud, rude creep?!??

I bet she/he would stop talking if you walked up to them and just stared while drooling on the floor.

Just thoughts.