Monday, April 30, 2012

Weird Word of the Week: SHAMBOLIC

Dear Readers,

Thanks to Jeff, Madame L has just learned another great but weird word, one she suspects most of us won't be using in our everyday speech:


Jeff read it in this article about Joseph Kony, the murderous psychopath responsible for so many brutalities in Africa over the past few years: "The Central African Republic would be an excellent place to disappear. Its national army is one of the region’s smallest and weakest. Its terrain is primordially thick. And its infrastructure is shambolic."

According to the free online dictionary, "shambolic" is a British slang word which means "disorderly or chaotic."

Madame L hopes all her Dear Readers will send in new words for Madame L to share with all her other Dear Readers.

Readingly Yours,

Madame L

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