Monday, March 11, 2013

Watching for the Comet

Dear Readers,

If the sky is clear, and you live in the mid-northern latitudes, you should be able to see the PanSTARRS Comet tomorrow night (March 12) and through March 18 just after the sun sets. 

Sky and Telescope Magazine has a great piece online about how to spot the PanSTARRS comet . The main thing is to "...look out west around twilight...around 30 to 45 minutes after sunset." 

The crescent moon should help you see it.

Madame L hopes you'll follow this link to the NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day from a few days ago to check out the beautiful photo of the PanSTARRS and Lemmon comets together over the Atacama Desert. (Madame L would post the photo here herself except that it's copyrighted.)

Also, Madame L hopes you'll check out NASA's Astronomy Photo of the Day  (APOD) EVERY DAY. Today's APOD shows a volcano erupting, with lightning bolts shooting down through the eruption. 

Happy Viewing,

Madame L

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LFP said...

In 5 minutes of browsing APODs, I've learned more than I would have thought possible. For example, tardigrades are creepy but creepily awesome. Thanks for sharing that site!