Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weird Word of the Week: Clowder

Dear Readers,

Oh, if only Madame L had a picture of a CLOWDER of cats to go with this definition.  (Hint, hint)

Yes, that's right, a "clowder" is a group of cats.

Here's a list of all kinds of groups of animals, with some of their traditional and made-up names.

Please note some of the other cute names for groups of cats: a clutter, a pounce, a dout, a nuisance, a glorying, and a glare. Wild cats are a destruction, and kittens are a litter (of course), an intrigue, and/or a kindle.

1 comment:

AskTheGeologist said...


I think it's all backwards. A MURDER of Crows should be a MURDER of Cats (cats kill more wild birds than all other causes combined), and a Clowder of Crows.

THAT would make much better sense.