Thursday, November 21, 2013

Madame L Predicts the Near Future (After Passage of the Nuclear Option)

Madame L, as many of her Dear Readers know, has semi-amazing powers of predicting the near future. And, as many of her Dear Readers are semi-continually asking for her advice, Madame L believes that Said Dear Readers might benefit from Her (yes, Madame L capitalized Her) extensive predictive powers.

Alas, Madame L cannot predict the individual futures of her individual Readers, without a quick glance at their faces or their palms, so she will limit her predictions in this case to the public and political arena.

Firstly, Madame L predicts that now that the Senate has passed the so-called nuclear option, many more Presidential nominees for public service will be confirmed.

Madame L heard You, Dear Readers, whisper behind your hands, "Ha! Anybody could predict that!"


Secondly, Madame  L predicts that Fox News will feature many so-called pundits who will opine, without any qualifications to so do, that this signals the end of our democracy; and that MSNBC will feature many so-called pundits who will opine, based on their broad knowledge of what they themselves and all their progressive friends think, that this signals a New Era in our democracy.

Thirdly, Madame L is already really sick of this whole prediction stuff. She predicts that our country's near future (i.e., up through the holidays and well into January 2014) will consist of a lot of really stupid predictions from both ends of the political spectrum, while ordinary people like Madame L and her Dear Readers will get so sick of it all that they'll stop caring.

They'll all enjoy their holidays without listening to or watching any cable news shows and most likely even without the broadcast network news, which, as they have all noted, is insipid and time-wasting and carries the old adage "If it bleeds, it leads" to ridiculous ends.

And the world will carry on. Our democracy will not be changed in any way. Good news in families will enrich all our lives, in spite of all the pundits and idiots.

Please let Madame L know, say, around mid-January, if she has been correct.

Sincerely and hopefully,

Madame L

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