Saturday, June 6, 2015

Climate Warming Slow-down?

Not on your life! A story has been making the rounds of the anti-science community, i.e., people who can't face the facts about global climate change, that the warming trend has plateaued, or slowed down, over the last 15 years.

I just found this article in The Australian, the first I've heard of this argument. I'll look into it some more and let you know what I figure out about it.

Meanwhile, it appears that a new study making the claim about the slowdown, appears to have been “a highly speculative and slight paper that produces a statistically marginal result by cherry-picking time intervals, resulting in a global temperature graph at odds with those produced by the UK Met Office and NASA”.

At least that's what David Whitehouse, of the a Global Warming Policy Foundation, said about it. I'll see what else I can learn.

Meanwhile, I'm reminded yet again of how important it is for science to remain pure, that is, for scientists to use data to test their theories and refine them as necessary, not to change the data to fit what they already think they know!

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