Sunday, November 8, 2015

Some Recommended Reading: "Heart of a Dog" and "Grantland"

---- Heart of a Dog:

"How a 68-year-old novice filmmaker made one of the best movies of the year" is an inspiring read for all of us who have been told that 28 is way too old to succeed in the film industry.

Oh, okay, the 68-year-old is Laurie Anderson, but she still had to go through the crap everyone else has to --- that is, everyone who wants to make something of herself, contribute to the world, make other people happy.

The movie is "Heart of a Dog," but it's about more than dogs, more than her beloved dog Lolabelle, more than the "Tibetan purgatory known as the bardo." And here's how she summed up what she did and what her philosophy is: "It’s part of my philosophy of life not to push things away," [Anderson] told Indiewire’s Dana Harris on the Influencers podcast. "Don’t sit there whining. Do something."

(BTW, I found the link to the "Heart of a Dog" story on Stage 32:

---- Grantland:

ESPN is shutting down the blog "Grantland," but apparently people will still be able to read the past stories shared there, as a CNN reporter tweeted that all Grantland content will be archived on

I glanced at --- and passed on --- most of the stories in a list of Grantland's supposedly best stories ever. But here's one I thought worth reading, "The Wet Stuff." (You don't have to be related to anyone who works at a water park to enjoy this story, either.)

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