Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thanks for the Suggestion

Dear Pricklypear and All Dear Readers,

Thanks for the suggestion you wrote in the comment box, responding to the idea of changing your lifestyle in order to lose weight.

You wrote:
"I just heard about this website that's good if you (1) like the idea of doing something for 21 days to get in the habit of it and (2) check your email every day for checkpoints.
"I haven't tried it myself, I can't decide what my goal should be :)"
Madame L has also read that it takes 21 days (3 weeks) to change a habit, and that it works best if you start one habit at a time, rather than trying to change every habit at once.
Madame L has just signed up with www.habitforge com, so thank you again, Pricklypear. 
Madame L chose the goal of "eating no processed sugar." Madame L chose this goal because she has succeeded at it before, and during the years she was eating no processed sugar she felt healthier in body and spirit than she has felt during the times she was eating sugar.
Madame L wonders if goals should be stated differently, i.e., instead of saying "eating no [whatever]," saying "eating such-and-such things," but Madame L doesn't know how to state this goal in any other way. (Suggestions, Dear Readers?)
If any of you Dear Readers decide to try this, Madame L thinks you'll be impressed at how easy it is. Also, the site promises privacy, whether you decide to keep your goal and progress private or public: "This private information will never be shared with others, even if you 'Share' your goal with other users."
The site sends you messages reminding you of your goals and helping you track them.
Ready, set, go! Wish me luck, Madame L