Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confession Time!

Dear Madame L,

How can you justify your mean response to the person who wrote to ask you about Tiger Woods? I mean, you say you're going to answer all questions, and then you get all huffy and snobby when someone asks a question about a famous person. Are you too good for those kinds of questions?


I Can Get All Huffy, Too

Dear Huffy,

Madame L confesses that she is indeed a snob about the so-called gossip news. 

But Madame L would never, never, never write that kind of response to a sincere questioner. Madame L knew who wrote that question, knew the questioner doesn't care any more about Tiger Woods or any other celebrity than Madame L does, and knew it was a joke, so she felt comfortable answering it that way.

Madame L suspects you're not seriously offended and thanks you for your question, because it gives her a chance to let all her Dear Readers know that she would never answer so huffishly or snarkily to a sincere question.

Keep those questions coming! (But if you want a gossip column, this isn't your best bet.)


Madame L

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