Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Book Review: December 8, 2013: I Could Chew on This...

...And Other Poems By Dogs, by Francesco Marciuliano: This is one of the funniest books Madame L has read in a long time. It's almost as funny as Dave Barry's columns.

If you've ever wondered, as the back cover says, "what your dog is really thinking when he mistakes your couch for a chew toy," here's where you'll find out. At least you'll find out what Mr. Marciuliano thinks your dog is thinking. And he's probably right.

Sample poem: "Lapdog":

A lapdog
Is any dog
Who wants to be really close
So stop your muffled screams
And your cracking pelvis
And just celebrate the fact
That this mastiff loves you so

Here's another one which reminds me of a certain Boston terrier I love: "I Dropped a Ball":

I dropped a ball in your lap
It's time to play
I just put a ball in your lap
So it's time to play
See that ball I placed in your lap?
That means it's time to play
You can have your emergency appendectomy
Any other day
But I dropped a ball in your lap
And now it's time to play

This author also wrote "I Could Pee on This...And Other Poems by Cats," which Madame L also recommends highly. You don't have to have a cat in your home to get it. You only have to have known one cat in your whole life.

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