Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oprah, where are you now...

...when little children need you?

Madame L talking about the children who are being exposed to whooping cough because their parents believe that normal childhood preventive vaccines cause autism.

You hosted Jenny McCarthy, not a medical professional, not a scientist, in fact with absolutely NO credentials in the subject of anything except being a Playboy bunny. You listened as if she had something worthwhile to say. And because you listened, people believed. You have a lot of power, and I hope you'll use it to help little children.

Now it's time, Oprah, to host somebody who will tell the truth. The truth has been out there for awhile, that those claims are not true.

But here's the real rub: The doctor who made the original claims doctored the evidence (pun intended). Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been found responsible by the British medical journal BMJ for "misrepresenting or altering" the medical histories of ALL 12 of the patients he studied.

According to Wales, "Dr Richard Roberts, head of immunisation and the vaccine preventable disease programme at Public Health Wales, said: 'It is shocking to read the BMJ has identified evidence of deliberate fraud in Andrew Wakefield’s research.'"

Here's BMJ's own account of the results of its research. This was published more than a month ago.

Oprah, where are you now? Won't you please make as much an effort to reveal the truth as you did earlier to support the unfounded beliefs of ignorant people?

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