Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brer Rabbit in Congress

Dear Readers,

Madame L just read a hilarious column, "How to turn the GOP into a party of liberals," which suggests that this current version of the Republican Party, the Party of No, would say "No" to anything Pres. Obama proposes.

Therefore, if Obama wanted Congress to pass a bill allowing the debt ceiling to be raised, all he would have to do is say he doesn't want it.

In this scenario, Obama could make sure that Rep. Michele Bachmann would become the Republican presidential nominee simply by putting a giant "Anyone But Bachmann" sign on the White House. He could get the Republicans in the House to pass legislation restoring social services to the poor, elderly, and children simply by opposing such programs. And so on. You get the picture.

It's funny, and Madame L highly recommends it. It also gives Madame L a chance to remind you, Dear Readers, to contact your members of Congress. 

Madame L doesn't even care if you tell them you want the opposite of what Madame L wants.  Madame L just wants you to let them know what YOU want, so they will be able to represent you, Madame L, and all of their constituents.


Madame L


AskTheGeologist said...

Ummm. What do you do if your congressperson responds to emails with a Grover Norquist T-Party policy statement? The same one no matter what you send, or what category you classify it as on her web-form page?

What can you do if her voice-mail inbox will not accept any messages?

I've taken to commenting on the Washington Post - listing her name and state, and saying she doesn't respond to constituents.

AskTheGeologist said...

I'm so frustrated right now that I could spit. It's transparently obvious that each side is trying to get the advantage in the next election... and some of the members of Congress are quite prepared to see damage to our whole country if they don't get what they want: the presidency in 2012.