Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sunday Book Review, July 17, 2011: How to Scratch a Wombat

How do you scratch a wombat?

Where would you find a wombat?

What would you feed it?

Why does it sleep all day?

Are YOU a wombat? (Probably not, unless you're covered in fur, live in a hole in the ground, come out mostly at night, have a large egg-shaped brown nose, AND have tiny eyes and ears AND long claws and whiskers.

Madame L hopes this doesn't convince you, Dear Reader, that you now know everything there is to know about wombats. Quite the contrary.

Read this little gem of a book, "How to Scratch a Wombat," by Jackie French (and illustrated by Bruce Whatley), to find out more. And know that you will STILL not know everything there is to know about wombats.

This charming book is designed for young readers and for parents to read to children. You don't have to be Australian to love it. (Being Australian might help to understand some of the language, but that's okay, because it's easy to figure out what the new words mean, words like stroppy and pong.)

Madame L got the book at for about $11.00, thanks to a birthday gift certificate from her sister (THANK YOU!), and plans to pass it around to everyone she knows who will enjoy it, which is to say, everyone she knows.

You can also find out more about wombats here.

And here.

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LFP said...

Madame L's sister had no idea she (Madame L) would want to learn about wombats, but did know an Amazon gift certificate would be perfect. Happy reading!