Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stop Banking with Wall Street

Dear Madame L,


Tired of Being Ripped Off by My Big Bank (Which Charges Me Money for Using My Own Money)

Dear Tired of Being Ripped Off,

Madame L is happy to help, and many organizations are helping people like you and her make the change. There's even a Facebook page for Bank Transfer Day.

This page gives information on how to transfer your funds, how to find credit unions and community banks with more customer-friendly policies, and a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions), including why you don't have to worry about your actions causing another Great Depression.

Don't wait until Nov. 5 to make the change, because that's a Saturday. Here are "4 Simple Steps for Taking Your Money Out of the Vampire Banks."

Here is some information from the "Rebuild the Dream" website, the site with the pledge: 

"By signing the pledge this week you'll help show Wall Street, the media, and the public that our outrage isn't going anywhere—and that the Occupy movement is only inspiring more and more of us to take action.

"If you need help we have resources and guides for how to switch banks, and we can help you find a great local or community bank. We can also connect you with new campaigns that are popping up everywhere to get groups, churches, schools, and cities to move their money too.

"These banks see the threat all this public anger could pose to their way of doing business. They know that if their customers start abandoning them it's not only going to hurt their bottom line, it's going to hurt their reputation even more and make it much harder for them to keep getting away with rigging the system and profiting at the expense of everyone else.

"And that's the goal. We, the American Dream Movement, need to show that our anger and frustration is getting worse and turning into action at every level—including right on down to the choice of cards in our wallets."

Madame L has already made the change, and encourages all of her Dear Readers to do likewise.


Madame L

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