Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Urinotherapy---Thanks for Making Madame L's Day

Thank you, Jeff, for your hilarious comment:
Umm. What about drinking urine? It even has a name: Urinotherapy.
A former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, practiced drinking his own urine, and it is referred to as far back as the Roman poet Catullus, criticizing a Gaul named Egnatius for using it to whiten his teeth.
Is this practice currently "in" or "out" with the so-called "science writers"?
BTW, how do you make comments anonymous?
In response to your first question: Madame L  believes urinotherapy is NOT recommended by most so-called "science writers" --- nor by most or any licensed health care providers. 

However, Madame L has found a hilarious blog about this topic (which she does not necessarily recommend for the serious reader). This sub-head from the blog may provide you with all the information you need on the topic, without having to check further:

"Urinotherapy does not have to part of our life style, but it is very helpfull [sic] for people in serious situation [sic] or in cases that other things does [sic] not work."

Madame L scanned quickly through the Wikipedia entry on urinotherapy, which she found almost as hilarious as the aforementioned blog post and your comment. Would the fact that writer J.D. Salinger as well as the prime minister you mentioned and other famous or notorious people have been adherents recommend the practice to you? No, I thought not.

In response to your second question, Madame L does not know how to post anonymous comments to other people's blogs (nor to her own). She has received some anonymous comments, which are automatically filtered for her, and which she has never accepted for posting. Sorry.

Madame L also apologizes for using the word "hilarious" three times, plus this time, in this response, and also for possibly overdoing her use of [sic]. She simply could not help herself.

Take care, and don't drink any urine,

Madame L


Ellen said...

Tee hee :-))

AskTheGeologist said...

Don't drink ANY urine, or don't drink MY urine? There's an aesthetic difference, here. At least.