Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Book Review, Sunday, May 20, 2012: Geek Logik

So, everyone knows how to make important decisions, right? 

Make two lists, pros and cons, and see which list has more items in it. 

So various organizational gurus and business experts have come up with all kinds of branching charts and  decision matrices to help people make decisions. 

These may help for business decisions, but what about whether you should get married in Vegas? Or go to Vegas at all? Or skip out of a previous obligation to your in-laws? Or " something scary from the back of the fridge, or just order Chinese again?"

Ah, Madame L has found a book with solutions to all these problems, and the book comes with a refresher course in algebra (because these decisions can only be made with the help of a few hilarious equations) AND a calculator.

The equations go from fairly simple, like "Should you apologize?" to extremely complex, like "Whose family should you visit over the holidays?"

"Geek Logik," by Garth Sundem, with tongue firmly in cheek (metaphorically speaking, of course), will help you  resolve issues such as "Should you follow the advice of a self-help book?" (The answer to that one includes a calculation of how many times the word "Geek" appears in the title and the warning: "If the word 'Geek' appears in the book's title, you will of course want to think twice before actually following any of the advice contained therein.")

Madame L found Geek Logik at for $5.90, and it's also available at for $5.18. (Madame L recommends the Bas Bleu website because it has many other interesting, fun, and useful items; and she enjoys supporting companies like Bas Bleu, Isabella, Signals, and Chinaberry.)


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