Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inheritance Scam

Dear Readers,

Madame L has just read of a new wrinkle on the money-for-nothing-but-you'll-have-to-send-us-a-lot-of-money-scam: A man received a phone call saying he could claim an inheritance that would otherwise go to his cousin if he didn't send money.

The scam didn't work, in spite of the scammers' having knowledge of names of family members and many other details that made it seem like the real deal, because the man's wife was suspicious, and they called the cousin.

What gave it away for good was that while they were talking to the cousin, they received calls on another phone from one of the scammers claiming to be her. 

The wife wondered "whether the family tree information posted online helped the fraudsters create their story," according to The Oregonian.

And that, Dear Readers, is why Madame L is telling you about this scam. Madame L knows you're too smart to be taken in by most of those ridiculous scams, but these people have taken the fraud to new levels, even using family information that you have innocently posted online. 

So, in addition to being cautious about any offer of of anything that seems to be good to be true, and any phone call from any bank or insurance company or lottery or (fill in the blank) offering you money for an up-front fee, do also be careful what you post!


Madame L

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