Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obama's So-Called Kill List

Dear Madame L,

I've been hearing a lot about Pres. Obama's so-called "Kill List," which he uses to decide which terrorists, including American citizens, will be targeted in drone strikes.

It seems like he's way too personally involved in this. What do you think?


Hope I'm Not on the List

Dear Not on the List,

Madame L is 100% positive that you are not on the so-called "Kill List"---unless you have traveled to a terrorist training camp and/or have threatened the U.S. or its citizens. And if either of those is the case, then Madame L does not feel sorry for you.

Who else do you think should be in charge of making those kinds of decisions, anyway? The President of the U.S. is also the Commander-in-Chief. He is responsible for our nation's and our citizens' safety, so if and when people are trying to threaten our society, he's just doing his job to protect us.


Madame L

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