Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Madame L....

Dear Madame L,

I read a lot of online and print advice columns, and I just want to know why you don't get back to answering real people's real questions now that the political season (I mean, the election) is over and you're done ranting about all that crap. Also, while you're at it, why don't you write some funny stuff like you used to do?


Bored to Death

Dear Bored,

Thank you. Thank you very much. 

Madame L is relieved to hear that she used to write some funny stuff. She'll work on that. And Madame L is relieved to hear that you are as tired of the political season as she is. However, Madame L cannot promise to stop writing about politics.

However, Madame L does promise to try harder in 2013 to write less political stuff, more funny stuff, and more helpful stuff. 

Please note that Madame L now has help from two co-column-writers, Coach Laura and Madame LN, who will be offering advice and insights that Madame L can't offer.

Madame L also hopes you'll keep on reading other online and print advice columnists. Feed that addiction! 

Madame L's absolute all-time current online favorite, whom she recommends to everyone who asks, is Cary Tennis. Here's a recent example of a funny question and great answer in his column: "Why are L.A. people so mean?" Read it! You'll like it!

Madame L also recommends Dave Barry's "Ask Mr. Language Person," who is so funny that he often leaves her sitting in front of her monitor chuckling like a crazy person, relieved no one is around to see. (These old columns are archived on the Miami Herald's website.)

Happy New Year, and Happy Reading,

Madame L

P.S. Please send in more questions! Madame L loves to read new questions and promises to try to write more interesting answers! Madame L will try to get enough rest so she won't be so tired that the best she can come up with are a bunch of exclamation marks and promises to be funny and interesting! Madame L would be the first to acknowledge that exciting punctuation marks do not equal exciting writing! Madame L is going to bed now before she falls asleep and drools all over her keyboard! No, this is not Madame L trying lamely to be funny! This is Madame L trying to keep from falling asleep and drooling all over her keyboard! Say goodnight, Madame L! Goodnight, Madame L!

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