Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pres. Obama Vs. Gun Manufacturers

Dear Madame L,  

I heard that Pres. Obama has signed 23 executive orders about gun control. I guess he doesn't want to work with Congress any more to satisfy the desires of the American people about gun control?  


Gun Owner                    

Dear Gun Owner,   

This is simply not true, and Madame L hopes you don't believe every false outcry you hear. 

Please remember that NRA officials are fomenting these false rumors and hateful ads in order to keep their jobs, which rely on U.S. arms manufacturers, not their paying members. If doing this requires lying and making ads directing the anger of crazy and already-angry people toward our President's own children, yes, they have stooped that low.

Most Americans, including NRA members, aren't using their weapons to kill innocents; they also realize that upholding the Second Amendment does not require us to limit the types of guns and ammunition available for ordinary, sane citizens to what may actually be required for hunting and self-defense.

Most NRA members (of whom, by the way, Madame L was one until they were taken over by apparently irrational and not-very-smart people and started promoting large-capacity ammunition clips and assault rifles) are, of course, sane and rational, and realize they don't need assault rifles and 20-round clips to go deer or grouse hunting. Most of us realize that the place for assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition clips is the battlefield. And most of us don't want to live in a place where people are pulling out their weapons and shooting it out in public, or where they must have armed guards at their children's schools.

But, back to your question: In fact: Pres. Obama has signed three (3) executive orders about gun control. 

These are all orders that are allowed by the Constitution and U.S. law. Pres. Obama isn't signing unncessary or illegal or unconstitutional orders. He is trying to do what he can to protect us until Congress can get its act together to prepare the necessary legislation. 

You don't have to be against the Second Amendment rights of every citizen to want our children and innocent shoppers in malls and kids playing with their parents' guns at home (just for a few obvious examples) to be kept safe through rational and reasonable gun laws. 

For a look at the three actual orders signed by Pres. Obama, check out this page. 

Madame L refuses to show or provide links to the latest nasty and underhanded NRA ad, which she hopes all reasonable Americans will protest against. Here's one petition you can sign, to "Tell the NRA to stand down..."  On that page, you'll also find links to more information about the issue.

Dear and Gentle Readers, please take a stand to let your local and national elected representatives know your feelings about this. 


Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...


Madame Elle a member of the NRA?!?? DO Tell!

Does this have anything to do with the use of Very Large Calibre Self Defense Weapons against Dangerous Charismatic Megafauna??

Would Madame Elle like someone to brag on her rather stunning marksmanship scores? (Hint: something to do with the best scores in cohort with a rifled-slug shotgun against a bouncing target approaching at 40 mph...)