Thursday, February 14, 2013

CNN Vs. Science (Guess Who Wins?)

Dear Readers,

Let's say you think comedian "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is the person to ask about astronomy. And let's say you think CNN actually reports any real news any more. Then do you think you might find a unicorn in your back yard tomorrow?

Madame L wishes people would stop blaming the blonde who is after all just being paid to wear a red dress and be blonde while reading a bunch of fast-scrolling "information" and questions from a teleprompter. 

Madame L thinks people should be writing letters of outrage not to CNN, which gave up all pretense of being a real news-reporting organization the day it showed George W. Bush standing on the deck of aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln with his "Mission Accomplished" sign in 2003 while the sailors and Marines had to stand there stiffly acting like they thought the U.S. had won the war in Iraq. 

Instead, people should instead be expressing their outrage at Bill Nye the Science Guy for not laughing like a maniac when asked that question or for agreeing to be interviewed on CNN in the first place.

Anyway, yes, Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be passing close by our little planet on Fri., Feb. 15. The asteroid will come within a little more than 17,200 miles (27,680 km) --- even closer than some of our communications satellites --- but, not to worry, it won't hit the Earth. Not this time, anyway. Mwa-ha-ha.


Madame L  

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