Monday, February 4, 2013

Vaccinate, Then Get Your Booster Shots

Dear Readers,

Jenny McCarthy, the actress who headlined the anti-vaccination movement in the U.S., has just been quietly replaced as a celebrity for an Ottawa anti-cancer group's fund-raising event. 

You may have heard about Ms. McCarthy, who claimed that her son "got" autism as the result of a vaccine and that she "cured" him with some kind of treatment that everyone knows is bogus. 

Madame L just read that Ms. McCarthy brags about getting injected with Botox. Madame L would have laughed except it isn't a laughing matter. Madame L highly recommends this article, which begins with the heart-breaking story of a little girl in Australia (where the anti-vaccination movement is even stronger and more rabid than it is in the U.S.) who died of whooping cough because she, and someone else she came in contact with, hadn't been vaccinated.

Here are some links from the article:

Immunize for Good (especially their Fact or Fiction section)

 The Antiantivax website

Madame L hopes these will provide a healthy cure, or a vaccination against, false ideas that are being spread by celebrities with the help of ignorance and anti-government sentiment.


Madame L


LFP said...

That whole "vaccine = autism" movement has always frustrated me. There will always be conspiracy theorists out there, and this is just another illogical thing for people to fixate on. Thanks for the info!

Ellen said...

Yes, thanks for the info, and for your research. Good stuff!