Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome New Columnist Linda

Dear and Beloved Readers,

Madame L is pleased to announce that her friend Linda has accepted the challenge to write occasional essays to be posted here.

Madame L has known Linda ever since she helped her daughters acclimate to the weather and culture of the great city of Montreal, years ago. Linda will be contributing occasional essays about whatever is on her mind.

She loves thoughtful feedback and conversation, so please feel free to write your comments and questions. 

And, if her thoughts inspire you to write an essay or share your opinions, about this issue or any other, please share that. You can write to Madame L at ellemadame [at]


Madame L


AskTheGeologist said...

Yea! Come ONNNNN Linda! You've been part of this family for a long, long time, now.

Linda said...

Thanks, Louise & Jeff. I appreciate this. Plus, I started my own blog now--very basic as it is. It's pretty boring right now, but maybe it'll get better. :)

Ellen said...

I've added Linda's blog to my blog-reading list. Nice to meet you, Linda!