Monday, July 7, 2014

Weird Word of the Week: Jerkface

Madame L just loves this word. She was reminded of its existence when she read an article about Google +, so she Googled a little more.

She was amused to find it defined on Urban Dictionary as a term of endearment between siblings. Madame L never would have dared use this word, as a child, to describe or address any of her siblings! She would have had her mouth washed out with Castile soap at the very least.

However, she can think of a few non-siblings she'd be happy to describe, or address, as "Jerkface." And maybe she'll start doing that, soon.

Meanwhile, for her Dear Readers' further enlightenment and amusement, Madame L presents the following, which says it all, now, doesn't it:


LFP said...

I love Emily Osment! I first was introduced to her several years ago as she was one of the stars in the Broadway musical "Sideshow." It's fun to hear this from her - fun little boppy song.

LFP said...

Nope, not Emily Osment I was thinking of. Duh. Emily Skinner. But this is still a fun number!

AskTheGeologist said...

is this just a politer version of the more standard "S#!* Face? That is generally associated with being badly drunk.