Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fiction Friday: May 29, 2015: San Andreas

(Yeah, so it's Saturday when this is being published. Sorry. That's life.)

Funniest review ever in the Willamette Week. I haven't seen this movie yet and may not even see it when it comes out on DVD or whatever.  And the reviewer for the W.W. newspaper hadn't seen it either when he wrote his review. So he did the next best thing: He asked a geophysicist about it.

Here are the first few lines from the review:

San Andreas didn’t screen by our press deadline, despite my repeated letters to the president of Hollywood insisting that an alternative Portland newsweekly is the true center of the cinematic universe, so I made a geophysicist watch the trailer and tell me what he thought. Robert F. Butler is a professor of geophysics at the University of Portland, and he definitely had better things to do.

WW: What did you think?
Robert F. Butler: It’s the typical Hollywood fabrication with only a kernel of truth.
What’s the kernel of truth?
There is a San Andreas fault.
Read on. I promise you'll love it. Then let me know if you decide to see the movie and, if so, what you think of it. 


LFP said...

I have no plans to see this. Maybe on DVD if there's nothing else to see. Like, NOTHING else.

AskTheGeologist said...

Butler's review seems to make use of one word more than any other, perhaps even more than "and".

Can you guess this descriptive word? Then you understand how Hollywood works. Sorry, Jared.