Saturday, May 9, 2015

This Exercise Will Make Your Butt Look Amazing!

And, since I really, really want my Butt to Look Amazing! I followed the link to a page that was so full of ads and links to ads that I never saw the so-called butt-amazing-looking-making exercise.

I saw four tiny thumbnails showing four different exercises with four types of equipment, only one of which (a yoga mat) I actually have. But nothing like what was advertised.

Sorry, Oprah, I love so much of what you do, but whoever is designing those Web pages is doing you and your readers a big disfavor.

Meanwhile, at the very moment this post appears, I will be warming up to "run" (actually, jog and/or walk, at best) a half-marathon in a nearby town. Or maybe a quarter-marathon, to save my legs for the long hike I'm planning for next week.

Either way, whatever distance I run/jog/walk/stumble/crawl, I'm pretty sure it will do more to make my Butt Look Amazing than any one or four invisible exercises...

(Wish me luck!)


AskTheGeologist said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to know if my butt was amazing! However, I ALWAYS get a sore neck trying to SEE.

AskTheGeologist said...

Maybe we can have a family vote. "Ewww" say the sons. LOL say the daughters. Eye-roll says the spouse.