Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weird Word of the Week: Kimchi

Dear Readers,

It is with deep gratitude to her Korean friends that Madame L presents this word, which refers to a traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables, usually including cabbage.

Here's a kimchi recipe that Madame L's Dear Readers can try at home.

Madame L has heard the word "kimchi" used most often, though, in the expression, "You're in deep kimchi."

From Urban Dictionary, Madame L has found this explanation of the expression: "In Korea, people would bury cabbage deep underground in a pot and put a lid over it. They'd keep the cabbage burried until it fermented and turned into Kimchi. When they un-dug it, the Kimchi would smell very foul. Many Korean war vets began to use the expression In Deep Kimchi for when they were in trouble."


Madame L

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