Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bosses Day

Dear Madame L,

I just got an email message from some company where you can order flowers and chocolates and whatever, reminding me that Oct. 17 is Bosses Day.

What do you think I should do for the boss on Oct. 17?


When are they going to have an Employees Day?

Dear When,

Madame L thanks you for asking both questions. Madame L thinks what you should do for your boss on Oct. 17 is go to work and do a great job to earn your pay, just like you always do. 

Madame L firmly believes that EVERY WORKING DAY is Bosses Day. 

If Madame L were a boss and any employee tried to give her some gift on Oct. 17, she would assume that employee was sucking up, which would make her wonder why the employee felt like s/he had to do that, and Madame L would feel mortified for that employee. 

Secondly, Madame L hopes you don't really, sincerely wish for an Employees Day. What would you want your boss to do for you? Bring candies or flowers? Madame L has sympathized with every secretary (whether called an "administrative assistant" or any other title) who has had to receive those guilt-flowers and schadenfreude-candies on Secretaries Day. 

Madame L thinks the appropriate gifts for all employees of every occupation and title are the opportunity to work, equitable pay, a safe workplace, and fair treatment. 

Madame L

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