Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Sunday Book Review, October 16, 2011: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog AND Book

Wait, Madame L,

Is it a book or a blog or a DVD?

Dear Readers,

It's all three, and Madame L thinks you'll love the DVD movie of Dr. Horrible's blog as well as the book. The DVD is absolutely hilarious, and the book has stills from the movie, comments from the writers and actors, a "Horrible Haiku" by Nathan Fillion, and the words and music to all the songs. The DVD is available from for $8.99 and the book for $13.57. Madame L enjoyed the DVD so much she got the book, too.

Neil Patrick Harris is Dr. Horrible, and the great Nathan Fillion is Captain Hammer. Penny is a sweet girl collecting signatures on a petition for the city to make a homeless shelter out of an old building instead of demolishing it. 

The DVD includes more than 40 minutes of additional material, so even if you've watched Dr. Horrible's Blog online, you'll still have lots of fun watching the DVD. The book is essentially the print version of "additional material." 

Joss Whedon is the perpetrator of all this fun. Enjoy!

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AskTheGeologist said...


THAT explains it. I found myself walking out of the room, then being drawn back - and forth - for the full 40 minutes this film lasted. It is that painful - and that awesomely, ingeniously, hilarious. Whedon's mind did not originate on THIS planet. He wrote the Firefly movie and series, or course, and it also featured Nathan Fillionl it is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

If I wasn't married to Louise I'd miss 75% of the good things of life.