Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OWS: What's It All About?

Dear Madame L,

I just don't get it with the Occupy Wall Street people, especially now that they've appeared in so many other cities across the country.

What do they really want? How are they different from a mob? What do they hope to accomplish?



Dear Wondering,

Madame L is glad you asked this question but sorry to say she can't answer it completely.

It appears to Madame L that the occupiers of Wall Street and other city downtowns are not really unified in their protests or demands. What's interesting is that they're the first to admit that, and to embrace the fact that they represent many different views, with the only common one being a distaste for the way Wall Street and the wealthy 1% of Americans have profited during our recent recession while the other 99% have been losing jobs, having their homes foreclosed, losing their savings and retirement incomes, and so on.

In fact, in order to try to answer your question, Madame L did a quick "Google Images" search to see the signs some of the protesters are carrying. You may want to try this search, too. Input "Occupy Wall Street Photos" and see what you find.

It appears to Madame L just from watching the TV news reports that these protesters are well behaved and courteous to each other and to the non-protesters with whom they come in contact, even to the police, who have used unnecessary force and violence against them in some cases. This, in Madame L's opinion, differentiates them clearly from a mob.

Madame L is guessing that these protesters, like the Tea Party protesters of late, are trying to draw the media's attention to their perceptions of inequities and injustices in our current political and economic state. 

And for that, Madame L says, "Thank you very much!"


Madame L

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