Saturday, December 17, 2011

G-Mail Password Problems

Dear Madame L,

I kept getting email messages from the people at G-mail saying I should change my password, so I finally did, and then immediately I started getting spam and junk in my inbox. I feel sconged!


What's Up?

Dear What's Up,

Madame L feels your pain, and wishes she could explain this problem and, better yet, do something about it.

All she can do for now, though, is suggest that you change your password again, and this time change it to one that's harder for hackers to figure out.  

Here's the Official Gmail Blog webpage, where you can supposedly get the help you need.

And here's another helpful page on how to keep those "phishers" from catching any information from you.

Best of luck,

Madame L 

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AskTheGeologist said...

Don had his gmail account hacked, but managed to change the password before the hacker did. GOOD idea to make it a hard-to-hash password:
- at LEAST 8 characters
- at least one number
- at least on capitalized letter
- at least one non-letter character, like #$%&.

I change all my passwords at work every two months - if I don't, or if I use a weak password, I will get locked out.

I changed all my gmail passwords several weeks ago and have had no problems (except an Outlook calendar sync issue which I solved) since then, for what it's worth.