Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Do You Support Ron Paul?

Dear Madame L,

Thanks for your post about the Republican candidates. It sounds like you watch MSNBC (the liberal answer to Fox News) but you also like libertarian ideas because you posted a link to Erin McBride's blog and mentioned that she has conservative libertarian views.

So, do you support Ron Paul?


Still Undecided

Dear Undecided,

Thanks for letting Madame L clarify her position on the Republican primary candidates and MSNBC.

First, Madame L watches MSNBC for the news, which is truly fair and balanced. It's not just for liberals, and the idea that Fox News lives up to its slogan in any way makes Madame L want to laugh or puke. 

In addition to the straight news shows, some of the MSNBC programs are political commentary with a liberal point of view, which Madame L likes because even then the commentators admit that they are espousing a certain point of view and also because even the most liberal among them often criticize Pres. Obama and other liberal and Democratic leaders.

By the way, here's Rachel Maddow, an MSNBC commentator, explaining why MSNBC is NOT just Fox News for liberals.

Secondly, Madame L thinks she might support a true libertarian someday. And Madame L fully supports Erin's right to explain her views in the blogosphere even though Madame L doesn't agree with Erin on politics. 

However, Ron Paul is not that. He is a racist misogynist hypocritical opportunistic lying politician. Strong words? True words. Here's why:

He wants the government to get out of people's lives, except for women, who he thinks need the government to tell them if they need medical help.  And that's not just be because he wants Iowa conservatives to vote for him. He's held this position for years.

Finally, why is Ron Paul even running for president? There's no chance he can even win the Republican nomination, because he's unelectable and everyone, including him, knows it; and if he goes with a third party, he'll completely mess up the Republicans' chances of electing anyone. 

So that's the real question: Why is Ron Paul running for president? Answering that question will explain a lot. Madame L will write about that sometime soon.

Take care, really, TAKE CARE, and pay attention, and thanks for asking,

Madame L 

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AskTheGeologist said...

Let me see if I understand you.

You think that because...
1. he hates blacks,
2. he hates women,
3. he hates poor people,
4. he is a proven serial liar,
5. he was against going after al-Qaeda after 9/11,
6. he named a son after an author who supports rape as a good thing for society...

...that I shouldn't vote for Ron Paul for President? Just because he's a bit... flaky?