Saturday, December 3, 2011

Herman Cain Drops Out

Dear Madame L,

I just read that Herman Cain has made his big announcement: He's "suspending" his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

Since you seem to have an opinion about everything, what do you think about this?


Don't Really Care About Herman Cain

Dear Don't Really Care,

Thanks for making Madame L's day with that question! Madame L does indeed have an opinion about just about everything under the sun, including Herman Cain.

In Madame L's humble opinion (Madame L will abbreviate this "IMLHO" in future columns), Herman Cain wasn't and isn't actual presidential material. Sexual indiscretions aside, his memory lapses and ridiculous statements were almost in a class with those of Rick Perry. 

Madame L feels sorry for Mrs. Cain but even sorrier for the women who came forward with accusations of sexual improprieties. 

While Madame L doesn't care about, or care for, Herman Cain or any of the current Republican candidates, she does wish the Republican Party would come up with a candidate who is smart, educated, moral, stable, and believable. And not a clown.

Madame L hopes you'll keep praying for our democracy to work, to represent us, to give us good choices between viable candidates to lead our country, our states, and our local governments.

God Bless Us All,

Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

Madame Elle needs to file a technical correction. Madame Elle actually DOESN'T have an opinion on quantum entanglement, though she avers that she sort of likes it. ;=)

And actually I agree with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's heart-felt pleas BEGGING Cain and Perry and Bachman and Paul and He-Who-Should-Be-Neutered to NOT give up and leave the "race". Their speakers fees - the reason for the circus in the first place - will stay high for at LEAST a year or so among the intellectually challenged.

You see, this has been a singularly boring Fall, with little in the news except people being butchered in Syria and Yemen, and misogynist mono-sexual fruit-balls with long white beards and napkins on their heads being elected to parliament in Egypt.

Who wants to watch THAT?!??

There is just not much LEFT out there to warrant watching the TV "news" each evening, except to see geography- and history-challenged people standing behind The Seven Pulpits making fools of themselves with their incredible ignorance.

PS: I revise my estimate of the number of sociopaths running for the Republican nomination up from one to two.