Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planned Parenthood vs. Komen

Dear Madame L,

I understand you're big on women's health and health care in general, but as a Mormon, are you against abortion, and does that mean you supported the decision by the Komen people to defund Planned Parenthood, and, if so, what do you think about Komen's about-face?


Abortion Opponent

Dear Abortion Opponent,

Madame L is indeed against abortion and would be whether she was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or not. She is especially appalled when she sees it being used in a way that appears to be some kind of advanced birth control method. 

However, Madame L is even more against the tendency of some conservative so-called pro-life activists (and pardon her saying so, but it appears to Madame L that these are mostly middle-aged white men who are clueless about the realities of life as a woman in a society which those men think they control) to assume they're qualified to make decisions about women's health.

Thus, Madame L was appalled at the Komen decision to deny new funding to Planned Parenthood. What made it worse was that the decision was admittedly made by a Tea Party member who had made it clear even before she was taken on as a vice president at Komen that she opposed not just the abortion work of Planned Parenthood but every part of its mission.

Madame L thought everyone knew that the abortion-providing services of  Planned Parenthood legally can't be and never have been allowed to be supported by any government funding. This means that the money that Komen gave and gives to Planned Parenthood was and is all being used to provide breast exams and counseling to women, the supposed mission of Komen. This made it perfectly clear that the de-funding decision was politically and ideologically motivated. The Feb. 7 resignation of the Komen vice president responsible for the decision makes this even clearer.

Madame L herself used the health-care services of Planned Parenthood when she was younger and didn't have health insurance, and believes that most of their services are not contrary to Christian or LDS principles. She thinks women who are now without health care should be able to go to Planned Parenthood for medical care, including general and pelvic and breast exams and also birth-control advice and prescriptions. 

Madame L wonders at the warped reasoning of so-called conservatives and libertarians who want the government to keep its nose out of their lives but at the same time want the government to be sticking its nose and gloved fingers into the health of women. 

Case in point: self-proclaimed libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul, who hates government activity in general but argues that women should be subjected to the approval of government bureaucrats for every procedure they undergo as part of their health care. 

The underlying assumption seems to be that women need male politicians and doctors and bureaucrats to take care of them. Most women are rightfully insulted by this implication.

Madame L thinks Ron Paul and all his fake-libertarian friends, and all the women-hating men in politics, if they really cared about women's health and the health of families, would be calling for legislation that would provide more education and health care and jobs and day care and healthy food to women and children. 

Madame L thinks those people should be forcing unwed fathers to provide for their children instead of stigmatizing and making life more difficult for unwed mothers. 

Madame L thinks those people should be listening to what women of child-bearing age have to say about their own health. 

Madame L is glad that Komen responded to the outcry from women who understood that Komen was behaving as a big money-making and politically motivated corporation rather than an organization  that truly cares about women and their health. 

Madame L, who used to donate to Komen, vowed never to give any of her money to the organization again, and she is sticking with that vow even though Komen relented or pretended to relent. Madame L is now going to be donating to Planned Parenthood.

And Madame L is also going to be watching for similar attempts by politicians and big corporations and foundations to reduce health care for women, under whatever excuse they make for themselves.


Madame L


Josie and Wayne said...

"and pardon her saying so, but it appears to Madame L that these are mostly middle-aged white men who are clueless about the realities of life as a woman in a society which those men think they control"

I just had this same thought the other day when I was watching a debate about abortion. Why is it that these men think they know what women need and want?

AskTheGeologist said...

BINGO. It seems abundantly clear that ONLY women should have ANY say in what happens to them and their bodies.

I also noticed that, without exception, the abortion clinic killings were ALL done by middle-aged white men. Saving lives indeed.