Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santorum's Culture Wars

Dear Madame L,

I read in yesterday's online Christian Science Monitor that Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum said JFK's famous speech about not letting his Catholic religion influence his decisions as President of the United States made him "want to throw up."

And I have two questions about that: 

First, does Santorum really want to break down the Constitutional barriers between Church and State? 

Second, what do you think would happen if Mitt Romney said such a thing?


Going to Vote for Romney

Dear Romney Supporter,

Madame L agrees with your outrage and raises it a notch further. 

According to the article you cited (and thanks for providing the link so Madame L could insert it above), Santorum said, "I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute." 

That just goes along with Santorum's oft-stated desires that everyone should have the same ideas he has about family life. While Madame L finds Santorum's family admirable, especially his long-suffering wife, but also his and his wife's love for their youngest daughter Bella, she doesn't think Santorum's views will work for many other people.

Here's JFK's famous speech, which he gave when anti-Roman Catholic prejudice and rhetoric were prevalent.


Madame L also imagines the firestorm that would break out if Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney said he didn't see the need for separation of Church and State.

Here's a compilation of bits from Mitt Romney talking about his Mormon faith and the fact that he is "an American running for President." 

Madame L admires JFK and Romney and agrees with the principles JFK and Romney delineated in these speeches. They show an understanding of the Constitutional and moral bases that uphold our country, an understanding that Madame L has not seen in any of the other Republican candidates this election season.


Madame L

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