Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Does the NBA Season Last So Long?

Dear Madame L,

As someone who is not a fan of basketball, at least as played by the National Basketball Association, I'm getting sick and tired of seeing these so-called "final" games drag on into June. I remember when the finals were done by the end of March.

What's up with the NBA's super long season?


Futbol Fan

Dear Futbol Fan,

Madame L can think of only one answer, in two words, to your question: 

Money. Commercials.

Need Madame L say more? She thought not.

Now that the season is over and the Miami Heat (and some say LeBron James) have won, does that improve your opinion of professional basketball? No? Madame L thought not.


Madame L 

P.S. Madame L hopes you like this color for the background of this post. It's supposed to remind you of the color of the official basketballs they use in the NBA.

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AskTheGeologist said...

#1: $
#2: $$$
#3: $$$$$
#4: It's not a "game."
#5: It's not even a "sport."

And that color, during the early Napoleonic era, was worn by wealthy young dandys on the streets of Paris. Napoleon had just named his 12-month-old son the King of Rome.

The was called "Kaka du Roi de Rome."