Monday, March 31, 2014

Weird Word of the Week: Acrazing

Madame L is glad you asked. You will not find this in any dictionary, but if enough of us start using it, maybe it will eventually appear in the Oxford English Dictionary. That is, after certain diabolical creatures and minions are ice-skating.

Anyway, Madame L's pal Aunt Louise thought she had invented the word "acrazing" by putting together the two words "crazy" and "amazing."

Since inventing the word, however --- that is, after coming up with the idea having never seen this word used anywhere else in the whole world --- Aunt Louise has seen it in a few other places. (Just Google "acrazing" and you'll see what Madame L means.)

"That's all right," Aunt Louise told Madame L. "It's clearly a case of serendipitous co-invention, and I will not begrudge credit for the use of my invention to anyone else who cares to use it, in any context whatsoever."

So, go ahead, Dear Readers. Use the word "acrazing" at will and as frequently as possible.

You're welcome.


LFP said...

It's good that Madame L has Aunt Louise to give her these pep talks. Also, I love the word that one of you invented, "acrazing," and am already working it into my vocabulary.

AskTheGeologist said...

How 'bout Blossing? Blogging while you floss. Whadda ya mean, you don't do that?!?? EVERYBODY does that!

Does it always have to end with