Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More Love Songs

Thanks to Jeff for these suggestions:

Madama Butterfly. Yes! I love this song --- assuming this is the one you mean, "O mio babbino caro," which I think is absolutely the most beautiful song ever written:

One thing I love about this as a love song is that it's NOT sung to the person she's in love with, but to her beloved father (Here are the lyrics, from Wikipedia):

Italian Literal translation Singable English
O mio babbino caro,
mi piace, è bello, bello.
Vo'andare in Porta Rossa (it)
a comperar l'anello!

Sì, sì, ci voglio andare!
e se l'amassi indarno,
andrei sul Ponte Vecchio,
ma per buttarmi in Arno!

Mi struggo e mi tormento!
O Dio, vorrei morir!
Babbo, pietà, pietà!
Babbo, pietà, pietà!

Oh my dear papa,
I love him, he is handsome, handsome.
I want to go to Porta Rossa
To buy the ring!

Yes, yes, I want to go there!
And if my love were in vain,
I would go to the Ponte Vecchio
And throw myself in the Arno!

I am anguished and tormented!
Oh God, I'd like to die!
Papa, have pity, have pity!
Papa, have pity, have pity!
Oh my beloved father,
I love him, I love him!
I’ll go to Porta Rossa,
To buy our wedding ring.

Oh yes, I really love him.
And if you still say no,
I’ll go to Ponte Vecchio,
And throw myself below.

My love for which I suffer,
At last, I want to die.
Father I pray, I pray.
Father I pray, I pray.

And thanks to Wikipedia for all this information, which may seem boring to some people but which I find fascinating:
"The short aria consists of 32 bars and takes between 2½ and 3 minutes to perform. It is written in A-flat major with the time signature of 6/8 and a tempo indication of andantino ingenuo (eighth note=120). The vocal range extends from E4 to A5, with a tessitura of F4 to A5. The 5-bar orchestral prelude, in E-flat major and 3/4 time, consists of octave tremolos by the strings; in the opera, these five bars are Gianni Schicchi's words ("Niente!") at the end of his preceding dialogue with Rinuccio. Many recital arrangements start with a presentation of the melodic theme; the remaining accompaniment uses strings and a harp playing broken chords."

Time to Say Goodbye (Con te Partiro). Yes, I love this song, too. Here it is, sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman:

Besame mucho. Yes! Here it is sung by Andrea Bocelli:

No llores por mi Argentina. Yes, again! And this is a love song to a country.

Bring 'em on! I keep thinking of more, too; and I'm going to keep writing about love songs and posting YouTube videos of them here.


AskTheGeologist said...

Sarah Brightman has the BRIGHTEST soprano I have ever heard. Beats Maria Callas in a heart-beat. Her Pie Jesu will stop your heart.

AskTheGeologist said...

Brightman also does a better No Lorel por Mi Argentina.

Brightman's voice is almost scary perfect.

AskTheGeologist said...

Here's another version:

Takes your breath away.

AskTheGeologist said...

And check this out as an alternative kind of love song: