Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Questions, Part 2

Dear Boggled,

You asked Madame L if water in toilets south of the equator really goes in a counter-clockwise rotation. 

Madame L regrets to tell you that it does not. It would, if the toilet were big enough to be affected by the Coriolos Force. But (fortunately for all of us) not even the largest known Earthly toilet is large enough for that.

North or south, the direction of the water going down is determined by the shape of the toilet and the direction of the water coming in. 

Madame L thinks if you tried flushing toilets in various places, say, department stores, fast-food joints, your own house, and so on, even in the northern hemisphere, you might find that in some the water goes down sometimes in the clockwise and sometimes in the counter-clockwise direction. If you want to try this experiment, Madame L would like to hear the results. Water, only, please.

Yours in fun and science,

Madame L

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