Friday, February 11, 2011

Madame L is IN!

Dear Friends,

Madame L is available to answer all your questions about personal, work-related, social, and even political issues. 

Please feel free to leave questions in the "Comments" box or to write Madame L at

Madame L asks that you follow these rules for questions and comments and, now that she's thinking of it, for all your interactions both on- and off-line:

---Never be mean, snarky, or vulgar.

---Express even strong disagreements with politeness and civility.

---Greet the day with a song. (Off-line---unless you want to share the chorus with Madame L and her readers)

Yours in neighborly good will and fun,

Madame L

1 comment:

AskTheGeologist said...

My grandma, born in Germany but raised in Kentucky, taught me this:
-Work hard - there are no excuses for not.
-Work smart - if you think about it as you go you won't waste a lot of time reinventing something.
-Be kind - always, to everyone.