Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Just Saying...

Yep, what I said: Some very rich people want to get richer while making sure that members of the Middle Class get poorer and lose rights they have come to take for granted.

It turns out that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) received $43,000 in campaign donations from the Koch Industries Political Action Committee, in addition to $65,000 from the Republican Governors Association, which had received $1 million from the Koch group. (Information from Mother Jones)

Fox News is claiming now (2 pm, Pacific Time, 02/23/2011) that the public service unions' rhetoric is "heating up" so Wisconsin's "security" forces need to tighten up. More balanced news organizations show the union members and protesters continuing to gather peacefully, while it's the governor who is heating up the rhetoric.

What's more, the governor has admitted that his whole plan has been all along to weaken labor unions, NOT to balance the budget (which as we all know could be balanced by raising corporate taxes instead of breaking the backs of the Middle Class):

A journalist pretending to be David Koch called the governor, who actually took his call. (He won't talk to any news organization except Fox News at this point.) Gov. Walker told this reporter, Ian Murphy, that he is going to lure the missing 14 Democrats back so he can force the vote.

Walker has no intention of compromising.  Who does he think he is, anyway?

But the good news is that some other Republican governors are backing off, just a bit. Why? Because polls show that 61% of Americans SUPPORT the collective bargaining rights of public servants and OPPOSE efforts to destroy them.

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