Friday, August 24, 2012

Is Romney Really a Birther?

Dear Madame L,

I heard that Mitt Romney said something to a crowd in his home state of Michigan about how everybody knows he was born there.

Everybody laughed. Like it was funny to be jabbing again at Pres. Obama, digging into the garbage heap of people who still believe or pretend to believe in that birther nonsense.

What do you think?


Not a Birther

Dear Not a Birther,

Madame L thanks you for changing the tone of her recent questions. 

Madame L is also most definitely not a birther, and Madame L thinks that Mitt Romney's passing off his comment as if it were some kind of joke is a disingenuous, dirty, low-down, dastardly, and devious device for trying to have it both ways, as he does with most every issue in this campaign.

Mr. Romney, Madame L wishes you would stick to the program you keep saying you're interested in, and at least pretend like you have an actual plan to help Americans get jobs.

Oh, that's right, Mr. Romney, your plan is probably actually to send more jobs overseas, as your pet company, Bain Capital, is still doing.

But at least have the honor and dignity of using real "humor," not lying jabs, when you want to win over an audience. And maybe not invite more birthers to speak at your convention? Oh, please, come clean!


Madame L