Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Romney Hood

Dear Madame L,

I heard that Obama said Romney's tax plan is to rob from the middle class to give to the rich. Isn't this a gross misstatement of Romney's plan? I mean, I see him on Fox TV interviews, and giving speeches, with signs all around about jobs.


Give Romney a Chance!

Dear Romney Supporter,

Madame L would love to give Candidate Romney  a chance, but Romney himself seems to be reluctant to speak up with some solid information that would make him look like a presidential candidate who would actually do something to help the American people, for instance, the great sweating masses of real, hard-working people who contribute to the economy by working at real jobs instead of running companies that make millions of dollars off of those real people --- the people he and his wife don't think need to know about his past taxes.

If you look at the tax/economic plan Romney has proposed so far (think Paul Ryan...), you'll see that he does indeed plan to give tax breaks to the wealthy ($250,000 in lowered taxes for people making more than $3 million per year, for instance), while raising taxes on the middle class...and on the poor.

So it does sound to Madame L like Mr. Romney has a severe case of Robin-Hood-Reversal, just as Obama said. 

What might Romney do about this to change Madame L's mind about him --- other than coming up with the lamest supposed comeback-zingers any politician in the history of U.S. politics has ever come up with?  --- or other than putting up signs all around about jobs, which he has a history of destroying, not creating?

Well, for starts, he could CHANGE his tax/economic plan...

More to come, 

Madame L

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