Monday, August 20, 2012

The Sunday Book Review, August 19, 2012: "Dear Gangster"

Subtitle: "Advice for the Lonelyhearted from the Gangster of Love"

Sample question: Dear Gangster: I've done a couple of things in the past that I'm certainly not proud of but my partner uses them on me every chance he gets. I tell him the past is the past and those things don't matter any more but I guess if they matter to him they matter, right? --- Past Lives

Sample answer: Dear Past Lives: You can tell yourself the problem is the past and agonize over it and think about what you could have done differently or what you could have denied or kept secret or pinned on somebody else. Or you can tell yourself the problem is the present and get rid of the guy.

Madame L's opinion: Best love advice ever written!

If you want this book: You can get it from, new for $20, or in the Kindle edition for $16.99, or used starting at $0.01. 

How to know if you want this book: If you've ever been in love with someone who didn't love you back equally, if you've ever been loved by someone you didn't love equally, if you've ever wanted something you couldn't have, if you've ever been alive and you have a sense of humor, you'll enjoy it. 

How to know if you don't want this book: Even if all the above apply, but you're a very busy person with a very busy life and you only read histories and biographies, you may not want the book...but then that may be a sign that you need it.

Who *IS* the Gangster of Love, anyway? Dave Barry?

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