Thursday, August 30, 2012

WHO Is Lecturing On Foreign Policy?!?

Hi Madame L,

It's me again. Just read your rant about Ryan and Santorum, and wondering what you think about Condolleezza Rice's speech at the convention.


Me Again

Dear Me Again,

Here's what Madame L thought about the outrage of anyone believing Ms. Rice, co-author of the Bush administration's outrageous and idiotic and, ultimately, failed, foreign policy, would have anything valid, worthwhile, or even vaguely interesting to say about the Obama administration's foreign policy:

Ms. Rice has nothing to say to anyone about foreign policy, unless she wants to apologize for helping Bush and Cheney ruin our relations with foreign countries, fail to catch Osama bin Laden, and lower our standing in the world.

And the very idea that Mitt Romney, now the leader of the Republican Party, could have any valid criticism of Pres. Obama's foreign policy is a joke. 

Look at how Romney did on his world tour last month: he insulted the mayor, city, and people of London while accepting huge donations from Barclays officials who will soon be investigated by the U.S. government; showed a willingness to go along with millionaire and money-launderer Sheldon Adelson's terroristic support of Israel; and in Poland couldn't control one of his aides who began cursing at reporters.

No, Madame L thinks that when the Republicans trot out the Condolleezza Rices and Mia Loves and Artur Davises and Marco Rubios at the convention, no matter what they say, their message is in the appearance alone. The Republicans seem to be saying, "See, we have some people of color, too, and some of them are women!"; while if you look at the delegates, people of color are few and far between.

(See this article for an analysis of the attempted "rainbow coalition" appearance at the convention. Here's a quote from the article:

    ("Still, keeping up appearances is a ritual. Go to a conservative event and there will always be at least one black person on the stage, visible in every photo op of the candidate or speaker, as there was at a recent Romney-Ryan event in Mooresville, N.C.

   ("What usually happens to me happened there, when a reporter, looking for a black Romney fan, started asking me questions. It’s always the same, whether it’s at the national Tea Party conference in Nashville or an NRA annual meeting in Charlotte, N.C. — a hopeful look of discovery followed by disappointment when I reveal I’m just a reporter, too.")


Madame L

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